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Game Dev Tycoon

I read a story today about a game called Game Dev Tycoon. They released their own game, and a cracked version of their game on a torrent site on the same day. Whilst 300 people paid for the game, 3700 downloaded the illegal copy. What the people downloading the illegal copy didn’t realise was that you can only get so far in the game before you lose to a piracy bug with-in the game. Pretty clever!

I saw this and though, what a fantastic idea, not only has it become news all over the internet reaching out to thousands of potential customers, it’s a really good idea to give people a trial of your game. We all know that people pirate stuff they are either trialing or not really wanting to buy, so there isn’t really potential sales loss, so it’s just clever business all round.

Although a clear rip-off from Game Dev Story, which is another incredible game. this is extremely addictive and could have you playing for hours. Turned out i did on my stream on http://www.twitch.tv/joshuawragg – it amassed 110 live viewers by the end, as well bringing in over 1400 unique viewers over this time. I had great fun playing, i think the people on stream enjoyed it too! The only thing wrong was my microphone issues which are continuous, god please fix yourself soon stupid computer!

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XboxVids1080 Channel Launch

The idea for making a new YouTube channel has been in the works for a while, there has been so much talk of lets do this and lets do that over the past year or two, however, the time has actually come and we are finally here.

XboxVids1080 is a partnership with me and Jack Cummins, looking to upload our Fifa 13 games, making highlight videos, tutorial videos, general fun videos etc etc.

I am extremely excited in presenting the channel, and will be uploading content for it very regularly, so please check us out at http://www.youtube.com/user/XboxVids1080, we hope to see you there very soon! Enjoy the Videos!

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