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Donkey Kong Live Stream – Part 5

So today was a great day for streaming. I had a whole hours worth of streaming, completely fine, internet was great, people were watching, and it was fantastic! I just so wish i could do this with games such as Starcraft 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. I’d be rate famous by now if my internet was better. I literally have no other option other than to move house.

Plan 1 –

Win the lottery and move to America and stream a lot. All the time.

Plan 2 –

Move to Sheffield with Charles, maybe Jack as well. Internet will be pretty fast then, but i’m not sure if i could afford rent & bills as i would have to look for a new job.

Plan 3 –

Move but someone pay my bills. Then i will make EoD videos, make pro streaming videos of FIFA, pacman, everything possible. I will be famous.

Here is the stream i did earlier tonight, it is pretty entertaining, i swear far too many times though so apologies for that! and the sound is poor in the middle!

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Live Streaming – Part 3

So it took me in to the early hours of this morning, but streaming seems to be ok.

I turned off the camera mic and focused on in game sounds only and that, although lacks interactivity, has massively helped the audio for the stream. That being said I do want to talk to the ever growing audience during the stream.

This led me to my greatest conquest ever. I shall begin the story at the start, on my 18th birthday nearly 4 years ago.

I was able to have a gaming PC for my 18th birthday. At the time it was fantastic, the i7 processor, a £300 graphics card, 6gb of RAM (which at the time was incredible). Needless to say everything was going great!

I decided it would be about time to start gaming again then, of course that is why I got it! I tried plugging the headset in and off I went. No sound coming out of the headset microphone? And no sound from the headset? Ok, maybe the front ports on my PC may be broken. So I decided to try the back ones. The headset started working, but the microphone still wasn’t doing anything. I went in to settings and there was literally no bar indicating any sound coming out. This angered me a lot, and also frustrated me tonnes. I knew it wasn’t my webcam microphone over-riding it because it literally just wasn’t being recognised at all.


4 years later, having used only the webcam microphone, with the worst sound quality ever. (see Alan Partridge sketch on Youtube.com/wraggy1234 for example of the worst sound quality you’ve ever heard)

I had since been back to look at it, also had Dan and Liam look at it briefly at i44, but again the same result, they were left scratching their heads wondering what was going on. I managed to get it working last night however, for the first time since I have had my computer.

It turns out we had been plugging it in the wrong port. There is a 3rd microphone port and this one works. Excellent, we are now officially the biggest idiots ever. Me being king idiot of course.

Needless to say the stream sound has definitely improved in terms of the microphone, if you go on www.twitch.tv/joshuawragg you’ll be able to see the difference between one of the latest streams to one of the older streams.

On a separate note I had clicked to upload to YouTube (after all that was the main reason I decided to switch to twitchtv from justintv, but apparently it doesn’t want to work for whatever reason). I’m not sure if there is a delay on it or something but it just isn’t appearing whatsoever, which is gay. Perhaps in an update I will be able to tell you it has worked and everything is fantastic, but I am not 100% if I will ever be able to do this.

I also tried to stream StarCraft 2 Heart Of The Swarm today, but unfortunately there were problems a plenty with this. Basically it didn’t want to have anything to do with this. There was a watchable picture, but every 2 seconds it would freeze for a little bit. Which is clearly unwatchable. So that counts StarCraft 2 out still. Which is so frustrating, because I would be playing that so much should it work! The still image makes it look worse than i first remember. It’s only until about half way through a game does it begin to pause, the first part of it runs semi-smooth.

hots image

At least the microphone works, and we are 100% convinced the Matlock internet connection is possibly one of the worst in the country.

Live Streaming is still a distant dream for these big games at the moment for me. I haven’t even looked in to the possibility of making money off the stream yet either, but my friend Jamie has suggested i play some old games, such as the classic DiscWorld, this way it can be interactive with chat and we can all go and explore together. I have thought of pokemon as being a good one to stream as well. That would be fun too!

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Journalism within E-Sports

I have had a passion to play computer games my entire life. I don’t really know where this passion comes from, perhaps it was watching my dad complete Sonic the Hedgehog on the Mega Drive, maybe it was because it was an excuse to not go out when i couldn’t be bothered. Whatever the deal my life of gaming lead my to the point where i wanted to actively become involved in the world of professional gaming.

I wrote a couple of articles for the UK’s biggest gaming team. Team Dignitas.

My first post i reached out to a selection of Starcraft 2 professionals (when i says professionals, they literally get paid to play the game, most of them on salaries.) asking about the upcoming release of the next Starcraft 2 game, which in fairness was someway off at the point of the article, however Blizzard had recently released a lot of things relating to it and there was a buzz in the community and a niche for this kind of article.

The piece was very successful, reaching over 100,000 on teamliquid.net and had helped me gain some friends within the scene.

I ended up finishing my University degree and didn’t have time to continue writing, and unfortunately for a few months had to concentrate on my Final Year Project, missing everything to do with Starcraft. I then had a do i go back to it kind of moment. I had missed so much, i didn’t know who was good, who was on top, what tournament is happening where anymore. Alas i succumbed to watching Starcraft 2 again online through the various free streams and suddenly found myself over-awed at the entire gaming scene. I offered to write for Team Dignitas again, although they had no place for random journalistic articles like the one i had previously submitted and wanted only interviews and walk through ‘how to’ kind of articles. I tried my hand at the interview.


Although it’s not a great interview, the main reason with that being that Kas is Russian, and unfortunately his English wasn’t particularly great, which made his answers short and often making little sense.

That being said it made front page on the Starcraft2 section on Reddit.com (largely due to Kas getting a big result against a top Korean the day the article was released).

I decided i didn’t want to make anymore articles for Team Dignitas as I felt i wanted to create something worth reading, more so than just your bog standard interview which you find on every gaming website you go on.

Although i am not currently writing for anybody, i regularly visit teamliquid.net to read the forums and keep up to date with what’s happening, and will happily write for another gaming organisation in the future should the opportunity arise!
#RaidenG writing!

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