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Why no FIFA Videos? / PS Vita

I haven’t really been very active with XboxVids1080. And in my defence neither has Jack!

I recently recorded a whole 10 game season, all with visual commentary from myself. The file magically corrupted by the time it came to edit, leaving just one game, so i thought i might as well delete the whole thing. The way around this for future is to stop and start the recording before each match instead of just letting it run.

The main problem i’m facing is that the content isn’t fresh or exciting.

What can be done? At the moment i’m having FIFA blues.. losing all the time, streamed video isn’t working. waaaa.

On the plus side i have ordered a Playstation Vita. FULL REVIEW SOON! I have Virtua tennis 4, Rayman, and Uncharted to try so i’m sure i will be kept busy! Cannot wait to be honest, it’s my first foray ┬áin to the handheld market since the 2nd generation Nintendo DS, which was great for Pokemon, and not so great for everything else (in my opinion). I’m just hoping more games are released for the VITA, but hopefully it’s going to be a tool to be used in tandem for the PS4 which i will probably be investing in to also.

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Following my Insomnia48 trip i have been desperate to live stream me playing FIFA, or record me playing FIFA on to my Hard-drive.

My internet isn’t great though unfortunately, in fact i think Matlock has one of the worst internet connections in the world. As a test however i’m going to be playing the original Donkey Kong trying to beat my high score of 90,000. The quality isn’t great, in fact it looks pretty poor, but there isn’t much frame rate dropping and it has become quite watchable!

http://www.twitch.tv/raidenstarcraft is where i will be playing donkey kong! Rate nice.


After 12 minutes of streaming my computer blue screened, upon restarting it said it had overheated… i think that is that then for live streaming.


I managed to restart and get 50 minutes of gameplay in. I’m struggling on finding a way to upload it to youtube however, i’m supposed to have a ‘upload to youtube’ button, but im really struggling to find it.


That is the link to it. It doesn’t want to embed on the website though so you will have to leave the page to watch it. Technology is really grinding me today! -.-

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