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I’ve never really been that bothered about the pro scene in Counter Strike.

When i was actually semi decent at the game – still very average – i didn’t watch any streams on Counter Strike Source. I thought the idea of watching games was extremely boring. ‘I want to play games not watch them’ – i thought to myself, how can i get better or enjoy it if i’m not playing?

What was i thinking?

In fairness though, the great angles, the excellent casting, the live crowds, the smooth sounds levels, the professional streams – was something which wasn’t the norm. In fact it was once every month a tournament would happen which would not be overly great for public viewing.

This was in 2004. Skip 10 years to 2014 and it is a whole different world. Twitch.tv is dominating the viewing stats, and people are loving every single second of gaming footage they watch. In the world of first person shooters, it’s always been hard to follow a team based fps game on the basis that it’s actually quite boring. Add a gambling aspect in csgolounge.com and well.. it is boring no more. You can make money (all be it in steam, not hard cash – but still can be used to buy real games so i guess for gamers there isn’t really a difference) making you feel the excitement, the rush of every single frag.

I’m torn really. Is this good for the scene? – Overwhelmingly yes, anything which gives the game i love more views, more recognition is a win in my book. The problem with all of this is – where do we go from here? I saw this in Starcraft, and unfortunately that scene is pretty much dead now, it reached such a high but crashed miserably.

Yes it’s great that CS:GO is the main game in the fps world in terms of watch ability. You have players like JW for team Fanatic with the most incredible AWP skills in the game. Then you have the extremely strong french team LDLC. some extremely good teams out there as well however, Hell Raisers, my favourite team Dignitas, Na Vi, Virtus Pro, this is adding to the watch ability also. I am watching the big tournaments which are coming around. As i type this LDLC have just beaten Na Vi to face team Fanatic in the final of the Electronic Sport World Cup final after winning 16-14. It’s these close rounds, these highly competitive games, on extremely balanced maps which are making fans come back for more and more.

Let’s be fair, if every game was 16-3 and extremely one sided, nobody would be watching – unless they were putting it on to fall asleep to. It’s fortunate we are blessed with the talent pool we have at the moment. Long may it continue, however i am cautiously optimistic as i know the gaming world can be pretty fickle when it comes to what’s the hot game and what isn’t. But if my CS:S days tell me anything, it’s that it has an extremely loyal core fan base, and a great game which still pulls people in. 5v5 shooting for 3 minute rounds may sound boring – but it couldn’t be better. Just ask 200,000 live viewers.

– Josh. (cLn.Raiden^) 

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The End Of FIFA 13 – The Start Of FIFA 14


At Insomnia 49 i entered the 1v1 and 2v2 tournaments yet again in a bid to place highly and earn some much needed prize money, something which would kind of justify the amount of hours i spent playing the game trying to get good, as well as satisfy my need to achieve.

This happened as i lost a game on ladder which i found hilarious / the guy was a massive dick. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10153279188985711&l=4465149608182166532

Of course i failed in the 1v1 tournament. This happens every time, although my results were majorly improved, beating Dimitri 5-0, who plays for a pro team, as well as beating CooLage 2-1 after he had recently signed up to a team. Two disappointing 0-0’s, and a last minute 1-0 defeat against unknown players made my game against Dignitas’ own Adam Winster a must win, which i obviously didn’t, i lost 1-0, but considering he is the guy who won $167,000 in Las Vegas in the World FIFA tournament, i can take that and be satisfied with my efforts.

Queue the 2v2 tournament then! It was supposed to be me and Mike Childs in the 2v2 tournament, but he had promised to go with CooLage instead – (they won 2v2 insomnia 48 together which i didnt realise) – and had double booked me, what a douche. (Kidding Mike you’re a lad really) Fortunately my best friends from home Daniel Fern had surprised us all by turning up on the Friday night at Insomnia, he is a great FIFA player and it was a no brainer to partner up with him. In our group we had 2 Sweetpatch.tv admins, a Dignitas player teamed up with Ollie (who is on the same gaming team as Dimitri) and crazily enough, Mike and CooLage. We lost our first game 3-1 against Ollie’s team, they were really strong though, and it was mine and Dan’s first game together. We Drew 0-0 vs Mike and CooLage, but beat the Sweetpatch.tv admins 4-1, which eventually got us through on goal difference despite a lot of confusion all round – I think it’d been a very long day for Dave and the boys. Anyway, we got through in second, and played against the Dutch national champion and his partner, which we ground a 2-1 victory out (honestly don’t know how). In the semi-finals we were up against Insomnia 48 1v1 winner, and the person who knocked me and Jack Cummins out at insomnia 47, eventually going on to win that tournament. Anyway we had a great game which eventually went to extra time and unfortunately couldn’t take it to penalties losing 2-1. That being said we had a great run and definitely put our names out there.

Finally there was one last qualifying match a few weeks after the tournament had ended which i tried to qualify for, but unfortunately i lost in the semi-finals after a 120th minute corner sank me. Gutted.

http://www.sweetpatch.tv/mad-catz-unveiled-fridays-tournament-has-kicked-off/ <– Here is the link to the Bracket.

Overall i would have to say i am proud of my eventual efforts in FIFA 13, i had a lot of down time due to work, but mostly i wanted to hang around with my then girlfriend. I definitely feel as though as I met my own expectations, nothing more, nothing less. The problem i had now was motivating myself to play FIFA 14, and trying to be good all over again.

After my first 3 games of FIFA 14 i said i hated it. It was slow, ugly, movement was horrible, some of the stuff was ridiculously broken, and to be fair i couldn’t get to grips with it. Once i finally overcame that small barrier and i couldn’t stop winning, i suddenly loved every second (shockingly).

My form was great, and after 22 games it read – 17-3-2 (win/draw/loss)

I won every division title on my way up the ladder (besides division 4 i was only promoted)

Although i had lost more games, and drew more, i put this down to playing against better players, that coupled with the fact i was still getting to know the game – and my internet dropping all of the time, it made for the 50-10-15 after 75 games you see there, still not bad, and was enough to put me 749th in seasons 1v1, the highest i had ever been.

Higher? Could i go higher you ask? Well… Yes. Yes i could. I went on to win the Division 1 title with 8 wins in a row after losing my first game, eventually doing what i actually never could do on FIFA 13.

As you can see i eventually placed 159th in the world after that. Which isn’t bad considering it was out of 220,000 people. The top 0.07% in the world (i think.. if my maths is right 159/220,000 x 100 = 0.07)  ?????????????????????????????

Anyway. This was all pre-patch. I have since played 5 games post patch, won 5-0, then lost the rest.. i haven’t been able to pick up Seasons since as i have fallen out with it. It plays horribly and it’s very difficult to score and defend, which makes me bad, fml.

What was the point of this blog ? You may well ask. Well i haven’t updated the website in a looooong time. I even promised a PS VITA review. So here it is. It got boring after 2 weeks and now i’m trying to sell it. There.

Thanks for reading as always i will try and keep posts more regular in the upcoming future 😉


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