July 20. BLOGGING.

Random image of me with my back to the camera.


It’s 1.44am July 20, 2014 (just starting typing 1999 by accident.. if only!)

I have a few days off from my new job at the YHA (see pic)

aaaaaaaand i am going really wild on my Saturday night in! Playing games, watching films and now blogging in to the early hours of the morning. Unreal.


I’ve been fortunate enough to have been active in going to the cinema often, visiting new places, new people, actually living my life again which is great – Good times !

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is an excellent film. It’s truly one of the great sequels of our time. I’ve been anti-3d for a long time, well literally since I ever watched Spy Kids 3d when i was younger. (didn’t mind it before then), and after that’s it’s been just a novelty for me. Captain America was the last time i’d seen a 3d film and i kept thinking to myself. What’s the point in this being in 3d? I’d much rather have a crisp quality image in front of me rather than a much darker image and people out of the screen – which does look good – until there is a lot of fast pace action then it looks blurry or computer animated. Maybe i notice the latter because of my gaming background.


I51 me and Iron Man hanging at the bar!

My gaming background is starting to change too. I don’t really play that many games anymore. I have 292 games on my Steam Library boasting an impressive 251 currently installed. I’m not going to sit here and lie to you all and say i’ve played every one of them because i haven’t. I have barely played any of them.

My Xbox isn’t getting played much either.. Meaning no FIFA. This is a good thing though I think. I’m not attending Insomnia 52 due to my sisters wedding, and so what am i really playing for? I don’t enjoy the game as such, i just play to win. If there is nothing to aim for, then why waste my time and play? That being said, i did have a crack at the World Cup ultimate team and was pretty successful. I’m just ready for FIFA 15. I always say this. I’m ready for the next one, sick of this one. It’s a common trend. In fact i can accurately show you a diagram to my FIFA experience over the last 5 years.


FIFA Release –

  • First 2 weeks: play constantly, extremely good at the game. TOP 500 globally
  • Next 2 weeks: Hours begin to decline, still pretty good at the game. TOP 1000 globally.
  • Next 3 months: Barely play, complain about the game not being very good, especially after patches changing it/people getting better at the game TOP 3000 globally
  • Next 3 months: Completely stop playing – bored.
  • Next 2 months: Play on and off, lose most of my games, vow never to play FIFA again.
  • Next month: I have a tournament at the end of the month?!!? CRAM IN 200 games in 2 weeks. Who needs sleep?
  • Next month: Start playing again to get myself ready for the next FIFA! Getting myself extremely excited, to the point where i cba to play any more of this FIFA installment.
  • Final month: Literally not touch FIFA as it feels dated despite the fact the new one still isn’t out yet.

It’s vaguely accurate if not entirely accurate to be fair.

I’ve noticed a lot of these blog posts rely a lot on me playing FIFA. This is the last time i am mentioning it this post.


I have been able to play some real football too, which is something I’ve shied away from in recent years. I don’t know why. I just get the urge to not play, i don’t think i’m good enough. I know i’m not great – i never was – and i never will be. But i am good enough to play at local level, I really am. But when it comes down to it I just say no, or at the very best play one game and don’t turn up again. The same appears to have happened again. I can’t help it. It is just a bit of a chore to play. It’s not fun.

When you’re 12 and you are having trials with big football clubs, it’s exciting, it’s a future, it’s an escape.

When they inevitably fall through, you just fall out with the playing game I guess. I feel as though football owes me something, and that’s a chip i’ve never been able to get off my shoulders. I love watching it sure, I will never pass up an opportunity to go and watch a game, but to play it myself.. Well. I think I can call myself semi retired / retired. At 23.


Cricket is taking over in a big way though. I’m playing for a wonderful cricket club called Jug&Glass. Now this really is playing for the minnows of Pub cricket teams. I love it, i feel a sense of responsibility, loyalty to the team, an urge to play every time the sun is out. What is with me? I used to dislike playing cricket! It’s as if football and cricket just decided to swap one day.

Ted Lander with a glorious shot. We were 48 All Out.

It’s been great! I’ve been playing OK, nothing spectacular. A few wickets here and there, but mostly been impressing with the bat, hitting 4’s and 6’s.. Which makes a change because for a long time i couldn’t even reach the boundary rope..

One of the biggest differences in Cricket is that it’s definitely more reliant on individuals than football is. I enjoy the pressure of going out to bat. Yes i’m playing for a team, but really it’s me vs 11 out there and it’s up to me to stand up and show what I can do. It’s still pretty nerve racking though especially when they are throwing the ball down at a bit of a pace.


I don’t really do much writing or anything anymore, i don’t even know who reads this / if anyone reads this, but it’s nice to get some things off my chest every once in a while, because let’s be fair i’m rarely out and about socialising so how else are people supposed to know what i’m up to in life?!


Bed time. 2.20am.


Video Game High School. So good.



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