Upgrading My computer

Upgrading my computer over the past week has been fun, annoying yet eventually rewarding.

Regular complications

I have been on Windows Vista since July 2009, which by any ones standard is far too long. It was using up 2GB worth of my RAM before anything else was even running, that alongside my 6GB RAM meant i rarely had enough virtual memory.

I purchased 2GB of Kingston Hyper X RAM to go with the rest of my RAM upping me up to 8GB, this should help things out no end.

Charles, the PC repair man, came round to my house whilst i was at work, to install the SSD drive and windows 7. He completely wiped my external hard drive as to not confuse the vista operating system on there, which is what i wanted as it had a lot of garbage on there. Unfortunately however, i hadn’t backed up everything as i had once thought, it turns out my pictures file was completely wiped with no back-up. This really is something which i will never let happen again, 4 years worth of pictures gone in a second.

The SSD card didn’t come with a cable either, so Charles smartly decided to use the CD-DRIVE cable instead, disabling it until a new cable was ordered.

Anyway, the installation went 100% fine, the SSD works, the cable was ordered, everything is looking A-OK.

Besides the problems with sleep, and the fact my computer still doesn’t turn off properly that is, that really does suck, but i don’t know what i can do about it :s.

Needless to say my computer is looking fantastic, in game graphics are literally more incredible then i could’ve ever hoped for, here is a screenshot from Mass Effect 2 for you to look at!mass effect screenshot

There are no frames dropped, everything is on the highest setting, my computer just runs nicely, i am one happy bunny at the moment!!!

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