Charles Fixing/Breaking/Fixing My Computer

It’s Friday afternoon and i decide that my CPU has taken enough battering over the recent weeks, and upon further investigation realised it was reaching temperatures around 76 degrees(Celsius) idle and peaking over 100 degrees when it was made to do something, which in turn made my computer start to fail. Charles said he was free after work on the Friday evening, we were going to the 8 (or 9) showing of Oblivion at Cineworld so we had a couple of hours to take the computer apart and de-dust it. (de_dust it?)

I whack the television on and put my feet up, after all, i don’t know what i’m doing! Charles certainly looked like he knew if nothing else until that was he took the CPU fan out. The fan had a very delicate mechanism where forced entry would snap the pieces which would eventually hold it in place, which had happened when Charles managed to get his heavy hands in it. Which meant it would never go back in and stay.. which meant a new CPU was required.

‘Computer components are surprisingly strong’. Charles Saddler 12/4/13 – Moments before snapping the clips.


We decided to call it a night after that, go to the cinema and address the situation in the morning.


So it’s 10.30am Saturday morning. I literally never see this hour of day anymore, so i presume it’s being without a computer for the night which has allowed me to sleep for once, who knows. But anyway, Charles arrived at mine and we decided to drive to Chesterfield and get a new fan. Which fan should i get i wondered? Charles offered to pay £20 for the CPU fan as he had kind of broken it, which was extremely generous of him, but the generosity of driving to Chesterfield for me should’ve been enough in itself! It turned out though the best thing to do would be to get a water-cooler for the CPU as it would be future proof for my next chip, motherboard, thing. So that was £60 and Charles said he’d go halves on it.. like a complete lad! If anything i’m really glad he broke it.

The rest of the day was spent putting it together, which was no mean feat because we ended up going in to Matlock for some super glue we didn’t need at all, and 3 computer start ups which said the CPU was overheating.

Charles eventually got everything back together, and it all works perfectly with the new CPU water cooler, which is nice! it also idles at 35 degrees which is pretty cool in fairness!


Thanks Charles!! LAD.

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