Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja #EoD

The Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja video came off the successful One Step Closer video. There are mixed feelings regarding this video, especially from the band itself. Here is my take on events surrounding SvDN.

We were offered by two University friends Rob and Dave to take a step back from our film making duties in this video, and concentrate on our performances, whilst they took control over the production side of things. Great we thought, it’s a chance for our first proper video to be made, hopefully resulting in even more views than the last video, but more importantly, a chance to make something decent and substantial. The day was cold, but it didn’t put us off from giving everything we had in to each and every take. We filmed at the train station car park in Stafford town, which was surprisingly quiet.. as though we had booked it out or something (which we hadn’t but we tell people we did obvs..). This meant the film had one location, and that was.. the station. Which again was disappointing, from an audiences point of view especially so.

The video does actually have a lot of life too it, and it is pretty neat in many ways, but it doesn’t really build on what One Step Closer (and The Middle) started, it is almost a step back, especially with some synching issues (which were out of our hands — Dave and Rob i don’t blame you.. but i do a little bit because you didn’t put enough effort in!!) but basically, although it’s a good video, and an awesome song. It wasn’t what EoD needed, and it was this video which put EoD off the map for a few months.. almost a year in fact. Until we eventually decided it wasn’t good to end it on this note, and it was back to having complete control over creativity in all future projects.

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