A Little Respect #EoD

A Little Respect was long over due. It was a toss up between a few songs, but decided that Wheatus’ cover of A Little Respect fit the themes and values End Of Days holds dear to their hearts.

Basically University, and the entire 6 month summer away from each other made the making of a video difficult, as well as a little daunting. The thing End Of Days fears the most is the possibility of it not being liked or accepted by it’s fans, and so it took so long to come up with an idea which we were all happy with, and take End Of Days to that next level of Air banding at the same time. We don’t want to be a one trick pony, and we explore every possible route to make the videos funnier and more watchable each and every time.

The Sonic The Hedgehog theme actually arose upon the addition to some Sonic The Hedgehog themed pyjamas i acquired for Christmas (i have the plush toys also..) and it just rolled from there really. Without it trying to force laughs from the audience, and try too hard, we wanted the story to flow and build up from the start rather than have it’s ups and downs, and we believe collectively this is one of the better videos we made. And personally it’s probably my favourite video. Yes I have the starring role… and my acting isn’t great, but it was just such a good story, something as unbelievable as a gay love triangle between Sonic, Tails and myself just worked so well. It was the video we had all hoped for, and it put End Of Days back in to the public eye, and what eventually became the catalyst to End Of Days’ biggest hit to date – Flavour Of The Weak.

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