The Middle

We all wanted to make a proper music video, this was all mutually agreed upon, although we didn’t really know where to start, or how to make one properly. We realised pretty early on that most of the music videos out there essentially do what we do, besides the real guitars and drum kits etc.. but with a story. So we decided to not tell a story, as we weren’t taking credit for the song, we wanted to make it known we were there solely to mime it. We set up in a nicely scouted area, previously used for a first year ‘anonymous me’ project. The song was chosen (as they all are) by scrolling through iTunes, having a little jam, and deciding whether it feels right or not.

Although our first video which uses editing, and different shots, this is the least viewed video, and unfairly so too, as we felt it was a big step up in terms of production from the last video. There are probably a number of reasons for the lack of popularity towards this video. Perhaps the song isn’t very well liked, and perhaps people wanted us to not do edits and stick to doing full run throughs as this perhaps had been seen as taking it too seriously. We didn’t really know what to think, and considered not making any more…

In terms of the video itself it was our first effort at actually synchronising every shot, and it shows as there are a few bits where it doesn’t seem to be 100% correct, although this could easily of been my mistake due to being new to the miming business! As a group we were pleased with our first efforts at forwarding End Of Days as a brand, and although it became one of our biggest disappointments, it is a decent video still to this day.

I believe this was filmed on the Panasonic 151 (not 100% sure, however fairly certain!)

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