One Step Closer

This video was the stepping stone to End Of Days success. It’s a fantastic example of what EoD is capable of.

The team sat down following the disappointment of The Middle, and wanted to find a faster song, something which could showcase their collective flamboyance and energy, a few songs had been touted as the next great, although after a few jam sessions, One Step closer seemed to fit the bill, and the team made exciting suggestions regarding the upcoming video too. ‘We could film that there’, ‘we could cut it fast with this’, a few of the suggestions made!

In terms of content, the ‘BREAK’ part in the song was the part where we added the infamous EoD comedy and humour(humor if you’re American). The constant chopping between different scenes and locations around the house was something fun to play about with.

The video itself was a big success, (compared to its predecessor) and left the band feeling a sense of fulfillment, and perhaps this air banding was starting to come across to it’s target audience. The decision to not be in charge of the next video ‘Shinobi vs Dragon Ninja’  however was made after an offer was given to the band.. one which they couldn’t help but refuse..

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