End Of Days – the Beginning

End Of Days.

Me Jack and Jamie were sat in my university bedroom listening to some songs, ones from our childhoods which we all knew (despite not knowing each other in childhood) which we all sang along to having a great time. We proceeded by throwing in some air guitaring and some air drumming – when i say air i mean not physically play an instrument – whilst getting in to the routine of Jamie Drumming, Jack on the guitar and me with the ‘microphone’. A considerable number of hours past, and whilst not knowing the temperature of the house, one can only assume it was hotter than it should have been. At the end of band practice we were all very sweaty and worked up, so i decided to film Jack on my phone whilst guitaring. Here is the video.

It was the very next day we decided to book out a camera from university and film ourselves as a band doing a song. Although there was no editing (besides the clicking of the ipod to press play) this proceeded for three videos, looking more at having a laugh rather than using this as an opportunity to make a music video.

Adams Song

Girl All The Bad Guys Want

Chop Suey

Having captured a lot of energy, and honing our skills playing air instruments it was here when the band decided it would take it’s next step in to the realm of making music videos.

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