Olympic Torch Carrying – Stoke-on-Trent

After a great day with Denise Lewis and editing the video until late me and Jack turned in for the night and set our alarms for 4.50am. . . 4.50am ?!?!!

I honestly didn’t think i would see this time of day in my life, as it falls under the too late for staying up and too early to wake up category. However, we managed it somehow and made our way on the 1 hour drive to Stoke. The weather was pretty nice considering the time, until it began to drizzle with rain,we hoped it wouldn’t get too heavy else the cameras would be pretty damp… I heard the cameras weren’t water-proof either…

I haven’t mentioned the cameras yet have i? Well we decided to do a 2 camera multi shoot on the Panasonic 151’s (again) but yes they are the best cameras for this kind of thing, the lens offers deep depths of field which allowed for focus to be easier. To film an Olympic torch bearer, it requires a lot of skill as it is incredibly difficult, required us both to move back up the pavement – as stepping in the road would cause us to be arrested (apparently) – with plenty of people in the way, this was because they all wanted to see the torch bearer too, which i guess was fair enough. Had i of had my way i would’ve been sat in the lorry which was ahead of the torch bearer getting a very steady shot from inside all sheltered in there from the rain, lucky git.

We eventually finished by about 7.20 drove home, and got back in to bed for a light snooze… until about 1. Since waking up i have looked through the footage… or lack of it because i didn’t press record! – Only joking, i pressed record. I then edited the footage in Adobe Premiere cs5, placing each cameras file on top of one another whilst syncronising them. The edit itself involved cutting out the bad shots and keeping the 5 minute walk running smoothly in one long sequence. I probably could’ve worded that better, but i’m not going to change it because i like walk and running next to each other as you don’t see it very often.

Once the edit was done I tested playing different songs over the top, some Olympic inspired songs and ended up with the perfect one ‘Olympic Anthem – Bugler’s Dream – composed by Leo Arnaud’

I have edited together 3 different versions for Steve (the client) one long version which shows the Olympic parade come through, as well as including little snippets of when people were taking pictures with him, followed by the eventual torch carrying (without music, just the crowd clapping). The second was just the torch carrying and the crowd clapping and cheering. The third was the torch carrying with the music over the top. All of which were rendered in .m2v (mpeg2 DVD) at a max bitrate of 9 and quality of 5, so it’s as good as can be for DVD. I’ve just got to design a DVD menu, once that’s done I can move on to burning the final DVD. Also included in the final hand in was an .mp4 (h.264) version of each render on a pen drive so there was always a different copy on the PC and not just the DVD.

All in all it was a great day, honestly didn’t think i would feel any emotion seeing the torch being carried, but it’s an excellent atmosphere created by everybody, and one which can only be understood once felt first hand.



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