Denise Lewis – Olympic talk at Stafford Sports College

Steve Glover hired me and Jack to make a 5 minute video compilation of Denise Lewis’ visit to Stafford Sports College in Stafford today.

We were up for 8.30, had a shower and got ready. We checked the camera’s, the battery life, the SD cards, the actual settings before we set off. As we arrived we realised we weren’t the only film crew there.

there were a few other cameramen, some with bigger cameras than others, ours was the best video camera on the Panasonic 151. I presume the rest were pictures, although it’s difficult to tell with DSLR cameras. Like i said, we did have the best camera, that was until Midlands Today turned up from the BBC. We didn’t realise we would be up against the big dogs in the area. In direct competition for the best shots with the BBC… Mmm i though, cannot wait to get my teeth in to this now (I spoke to Liz Copper later it turns out she is lovely).

After filming in the sports hall for 30 minutes, we went straight through to another hall where some running activities were taking place. There was some great footage to be filmed here, as there were hundreds of kids waving and smiling, and Denise did a bit of running and really got involved and took part, which was fun to watch and to film!

We finished in there and went outside where me and Jack got to interview Denise Lewis. We didn’t want to keep her time, as the radio had turned up as well, and needless to say we were last after watching her do interviews for about 40 minutes, so we didn’t want to keep her time. She was however a true professional and said it was fine, and we had a brief conversation whilst I set the camera up, (trying to hurry so she wasn’t waiting too long!) then Jack asked a couple of questions and we were done with that part of the video. Again, I can’t begin to explain how nice a woman Denise was, and such a professional!

We then interviewed a series of people for the video asking various Olympic and inspirational questions, again getting to meet some young talented people, and some Olympic torch bearers which was fantastic. Everyone we interviewed was nervous and shy, so we had a little talk with each one of them to put them at ease, asked them about their day, what they had planned for next week etc, so they felt comfortable around us and more importantly in front of the camera! Alas one of the girls we interviewed wasn’t filmed on the external mic, and on the internal mic picking up all of the noise from inside the sports hall which kind of ruined the footage. This was very disappointing to learn, as everything else on the day went right.

After the interviews and pulling in different members of the staff as well as the children, we went to the netball courts and filmed the kids doing different drills, as well as Denise getting involved in a few of them herself, and considering how hot it was, she did pretty well to keep her energy levels up, although you do expect it from an Olympic gold medalist!

Having got all of the shots together we said our goodbyes to everybody and told Steve we would have this edited as soon as possible for him, and we would see him at 7am the next morning to film him carrying the Olympic torch flame.

I had a great day filming, and i enjoyed every minute of it.

You can see the final video here –

30/5/2012 – Josh.

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