Taddeo: The Last Demon Hunter (Working Title)

This story is set in a future where Demons and Humans live in the same place, with the demons treated as second class citizens by the ‘pure’ humans. The protagonist Taddeo, a human, world is turned upside down upon the disappearance of his girlfriend Ruth.

This is the first 10 pages of what is to be a 70 page feature length script.


1. EXT. Night – MANSION

We are in the courtyard of a mansion on a secluded island, the weather is stormy, it is in the darkness of night, lit by the brightness of the moon and the occasional flash of lightning. We SEE a line of new Bentley cars, appears to be at least twenty to thirty, pull up one after another. The chauffeur of each of the cars get out and open the back doors. The rain continues to pour throughout the sequence. Lightning strikes when we see a woman with long brown hair exit one of the cars. We see them walk in single file across the cobbled floor. The drivers all step in to their cars in a military like fashion, and wait. We SEE three man standing by the large old wooden door, one either side and one directly in front of it. The man in the middle steps forward


(raised voice)

Come one, come all. Mr Baker is waiting for you all to come inside and join in with the festivities. Please accept these bags of cash upon entry, as a sort of thank you for turning up this fine evening.

The two other men either side of the door open it, and produce bags of cash which they hand out one by one to everybody who enters. MIDDLE MAN smiles and walks in behind everyone. The door slams shut. Sinister laughter is heard, which fades down by the next scene.


TV plays in the background, we see a boy with blonde hair, in his mid-teens on top of his bed reading a book.

‘..in other news more people from the Babbington area have been reported missing today, the number of people thought to be missing has surpassed double figures more after this..’

An advert continues to play in the background. A woman pokes her head round the door, she is in her mid-forties, she is a short woman with blonde hair.


What do ya want for breakfast?… Perhaps lunch is a better word to use, it’s past 12 you lazy boy.

The boy flops his book towards his lap and lets out a sigh. Before turning to the woman and smiling.


Anything, I’m sure whatever you make will be lovely

He smiles again before picking up his book and continuing to read, his mother speaks again


Heard anything about Ruth, TADDEO?

TADDEO (TAY-DEE-OH) stares blankly in to the book, puts the book down, shakes his head and slumps his shoulders. He turns the Television off. He gets under the duvet covers and turns his back to MOTHER. MOTHER slowly walks over to the bed, sits down on the edge of it and puts her hand on his shoulder.


There are plenty more fish in the sea, like my father always used to tell me, if they don’t want you for you, then they aren’t worth the time of day.

MOTHER places her hand on TADDEOs shoulder. She gets up and goes for the door. She stops at the door.


You been in touch with Darren yet about your demon apprenticeship? … Tay?

TADDEO turns around to face MOTHER.


I don’t want to get a job though mum, it sucks and i really wanted to just spend some time this summer writing and hanging out with my mates. Plus I’m depressed at the moment…


You’re getting a job TADDEO… And I really don’t care how upset you are either!



That’s so unfair.


Life’s unfair TADDEO, deal with it. Oh you can make your own breakfast now, you can thank your attitude for that.

She slams the door, the light is also more dimmed now. TADDEO stands up and opens the curtains. The sun shining through is bright, he winces.


(to himself)

Demon hunter..? yeah right… Games tester here i come!!!

3. Ext. Night – Woods

There is a sealed off area in what appears to be some woods, there are a number of policeman as well as a white tent. The area is lit mainly by car headlights, as well as some temporary small floodlights aside the tent. We see a Policeman in close discussion with another man who is dressed in a long black leather coat.


..kind of weird i would say, especially because we haven’t seen marks like this in years.


I wouldn’t say it was weird at all, but you know, you called the right man for the job. You got a Demon problem, you call Darren every time

DARREN winks at the officer, smiles and gently punches him in the arms. Darren takes a old silver lighter and a cigarette from his jacket pocket. He puts the unlit cigarette in his mouth.


But in all seriousness, you have a T-32 standard case of suspicious activity. Nothing to be too alarmed about, however the stench coming off them is poisoning the atmosphere

DARREN takes the cigarette out of his mouth and takes a large nasel inhale, staring in to the eyes of the policeman before exhaling in to POLICEMAN’s face.


Can you smell that?

The POLICEMAN looks at Darren before attempting to copy the same breathing he just witnessed.


No? I can only smell the pine of the forest..

DARREN laughs a fake laugh


HA – HA.

An awkward 5 second silence ensues, DARREN is staring in to the eyes of the POLICEMAN, whilst he is doing everything to avoid making eye contact. DARREN smiles before lighting his cigarette, he begins smoking it.


Anyway.. We will continue our investigation, but the main bulk of it is on you, if there are Demons out there, you are the best in the business at catching them

Another uniformed figure approaches the two, his strides are long and over emphasised. without speaking or acknowledging DARREN he thrusts some important looking papers underneath POLICEMAN’s nose


If you’ll excuse me Darren…


No problem.

POLICEMAN walks off with the other officer back towards where the cars are parked. DARREN looks in to the night sky, the moon is bright and clear, until it is covered by a cloud, which appears to upset him. He looks towards the tent before walking over to it. We SEE him enter the tent, and almost instantly exit the tent. He looks around before dissapearing in to the forest.

4. INT. HOUSE – living room day

Television plays.

‘…It appears as though the search for the 22 reported missing persons, WILL continue throughout the day, and again, long in to the night, if you suspect somebody is missing OR encounter any suspicious behavior, do not forget to report it, this is Emilia Brocklehurst, Bed24 News, Beddington… thanks Emilia, and now to Dustin with the sport…’

TADDEO picks up the remote and turns the Television off, He picks up a bowl which contains a spoon and the remains of cereal. He walks in to the kitchen, he places the bowl down on the side. There is a message on the fridge door, ‘DARREN – 07666898666 call him Tay..’ TADDEO opens the fridge door, picks up a cocktail sausage and puts it in his mouth, also gets a bottle of cola out, he then shuts the door.


Have you called him then Tay?

TADDEO turns around to reveal a girl in her early twenties with long blonde hair. She is scowling at TADDEO. He pretends to look afraid and begins trembling.


No mum, please don’t kill me ! I will do anything!

There is a pause before they burst in to laughter. The GIRL walks over to the sink and washes her hands, still chortling.


Please don’t quit your day job to become an actor… Oh wait, you don’t have one!


Ohhh, good one Sam!!

Both continue to giggle. TADDEO gets a glass out of the cupboard and starts pouring his drink in to his glass.


But you know if you want you might as well invite your girlfriend over too !


ouch, low blow !


I’m just messing don’t worry yourself little bro. You will find someone, prettier, funnier and who will make you happier. Anyway I’ve got turnip related work to do, have fun doing whatever it was you were doing!

SAM winks at TADDEO and smiles before heading for the door


Have you heard from Ruth at all Sam?

SAM stops and turns around, her smile has gone


No, honestly haven’t heard anything from her, no one i know has in all fairness…


Oh okay, no worries, have fun working on the turnip farm

TADDEO winks at SAM, she winks back and puts her thumb up before exiting, TADDEO has a drink from his glass, walks over to the fridge again and looks closely at the message on the door. He takes out his phone and enters the number on his phone, saving the number in it. TADDEO shakes his head and sighs before returning to the living room. TADDEO sits down and begins changing the channel on the TV, he lets out a yawn and lies down having one cushion under his arm. He shuts his eyes, instantly his phone rings. He picks it up.


Hello ? … What about her? … What do you mean missing? …

TADDEO slowly moves the phone from his ear and places it in his left pocket. He stands and looks around before putting his hands on his head. He rubs his face before striding out of the room at pace. He grabs his coat opens the door, walks outside, then shuts it. We SEE outside, it’s foggy. The house is a small detached one with a moat running around it. He crosses the short narrow bridge to cross the moat before striding down the hill with his hands by his side, before breaking out in to a run.


The station is quiet. It’s full with officers who appear to be sitting around not doing a lot. Two officers are imaginary duelling by the water dispenser, another has his cowboy hat pulled over his eyes with his feet up on the desk. There is also a table of five officers and they appear to be playing cards. There is a large queue at the front of the building, everybody in the queue is distressed, pushing and shouting at the secretary. She is sat behind a large bullet proof glass window, she stares through the glass expressionless. At the front of the Queue is an angry Old man and his wife.


But my son is missing, you need to be looking for him, a few years ago it was Vampires, last year it was Gnomes, and now you’re unit is blaming Demons, it’s not good enough, you need to find my son!!!!


We are doing all we can to find your son. NEXT.

Her expression doesn’t change. The group behind push the old couple out of the way. There is a Tall man with an off green skin colour along side 4 smaller man with equally different skin colour.


Are you looking for my brother Edmond Parslex? You must be doing something, he’s been missing for days, it’s so out of character for him to leave the nebular and enter the town as it is, something isn’t right. YOU MUST HELP !


We are doing all we can to find your brother. NEXT.


You can’t do this? I NEED TO FIND EDMOND!..

His voice trails off as the group is dragged out of the building by security. Next in the queue we SEE TADDEO, his face is pink and he keeps blowing his hands. His voice is hurried


Is there any news on Ruth Winters? Has she been reported missing?

SECRETARY glances to her monitor to the right of her head. She looks down, before handing TADDEO a sheet of paper underneath the glass. He looks confused but picks it up, he opens his mouth to speak



TADDEO is grabbed by security and thrown out of the door, he almost drops the paper but keeps hold of it as he hits the ground. He grabs the side of his head and gets back to his feet. He looks to where the security guard just was, takes an angry step towards the door, TADDEO see he’s already back inside and stops on the spot. He turns around to SEE large group of people, some are sitting, however most are in heated debate. There appears to be two groups of people, we cannot make out the faces of either groups, TADDEO’s vision is blurred. We HEAR the arguement clearly though.


If your kind hadnt shown up hear then we wouldn’t be blaming you, just get lost and go back to wherever you came from, it’s our loved ones you’re stealing !


You ignorant idiots, we have come to make friends with your kind and this is the thanks we get? We’ve not taken anyone, it’s more in your races genes to be kidnapping people!!





You and the rest of you puny soft skinned friends are idiots and do not deserve the land you live on!


I’ve heard about enough of this!!

Both sides end up charging in to each other and a mass brawl ensues outside. TADDEO stumbles out of the way of the fight but still manages to get punched.




TADDEO climbs back to his feet and backs away again. He looks around, the area is fenced off. He looks up the steel fence, reaches his right arm up grabs and begins to climb over the fence. He cuts his arm on the way down the other side and falls to the ground graising his arm. His face gradually becomes more bruised. He gets his phone out of his pocket and we see him frantically dial a number. He begins to speak, but his voice is unheared. We HEAR the arguments and shouting over the conversation. TADDEO looks paniced and frantic, puts the phone down and runs off in the opposite direction to the station in to the distance.

6. EXT. WOODS – Afternoon

TADDEO has his phone to his ear as he is running



Pick up the damn phone!!!

He looks tired, sees a wall and goes to lean on it. He is breathing heavily, and loudly. He pulls his phone down to his side, re-dialls and puts his phone back to his ear. He stands and waits. We hear the other voice in this conversation.


Hello is this Darren?


Who is this?


It’s Taddeo, i’m just ringing up about placement this summer being a demon hunter with you? I think my mum has been in touch already?


Ah yes Taddeo, your mum did get in touch. But i don’t have any places for you at this moment in time…

TADDEO slumps down against the wall, tears begin to form in his eyes.


You’ve gotta be kidding, i need to be a demon hunter, i wouldn’t let you down, please Darren, please..


Sorry, maybe another time Taddeo, anyway i’m busy, got to go, take care. bye.

The phone is put down by DARREN, TADDEO lets the phone drop from his ear on to the ground. He holds his head in to his hands and crys. He wipes away his tears, puts his phone in to his pocket, he sighs and looks to the floor.


Back home i go…

TADDEO slowly walks off in to the distance.


7. ext. Ruths house – Afternoon


This scene is set in the past. It is a warm summers afternoon, TADDEO is wearing shorts and a t-shirt. He’s smiling as he approaches the house. He rings the door bell, then re-adjusts his hair. Ruth opens the door, she is smiling, flicks her long brown hair out to the side, almost in slow motion, then runs out and hugs TADDEO. The hug ends and Ruth stands back.


Good evening handsome


Good evening to you too beautiful

They smile and hug again, they walk down the path hand in hand.


Sooo, what do you wanna do tonight?…

8. INT. HOUSE – Living ROOM

TADDEO is watching TV, his hair is messy and his facial hair is beginning to grow, he is in a vest and boxer shorts. The TV plays…

‘ … went missing following the events of a week ago, rumours circulate about the dissapearences, was it demons? was it ‘The Villain of Beddington’ ? All we know is that the families want their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers back home safe and sound soon before all hope is lost…’

TADDEO lies there watching the TV with no flicker of emotion.


(under his breath)

Ruth… Ruth why did this have to happen? Please be safe..

He begins to look upset, he takes deep breaths before getting up. He walks downstairs in to the celler. It contains a washing machine, some old paints, in the far corner of the room there is a punching bag and some weights. TADDEO punches the punching bag, tamely, before following it up with a hard left hand, the bag swings gently before TADDEO continues to punch the bag until his face is red and beginning to sweat. He looks over to a different corner of the room, there lies pictures of TADDEO when he was younger with a man smiling, as well as boxes stacked up which are labelled, ‘DADS STUFF’. TADDEO walks over to the corner, he stumbles. We SEE a flash back of him with his Father fishing in a lake, them hugging and laughing for a couple of seconds before returning to the room. He rubs his eyes before walking closer to the pictures. He holds up the picture of the family all smiling. He smiles and places the picture back down.


I miss your father so much Taddeo.

TADDEO turns around and sees MOTHER walking down the stairs and over towards him. She puts her arms round him.


I bet he’d be so proud of you, i just know it, he always used to say, ‘my boy is gonna be just like his old man’, and Taddeo, you are just like your father.

He moves away back towards the punch bag and punches it. He looks back to MOTHER who is watching him.


Ruth is missing mum.

MOTHER looks shocked, puts her hand to her mouth and lets out a shocked noise. She shakes her head.


No.. she can’t be Tay, she can’t be, i was talking to her mother only the other day…



To Be Continued…

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