Drew’s Life – Mates, Booze and Women (Working Title)

The script is for a short TV series based in Derby, which follows a young man and his teenage struggles and his life, this particular episode involves getting alcohol for a party which he has been invited too.

This is the pilot script and is ever changing. Enjoy!


We see ALEX and DREW standing outside a Bargain Booze. We SEE a sign which says “WELCOME TO DERBY” close to the shop. Alex is a 16 year old boy, and is distinctly unattractive, he is around five foot, five inches tall. Alex has very pale skin which is covered in a mixture of freckles and spots. Alex is wearing a large suit jacket, and an equally large suit shirt, which isn’t tucked in. He is wearing light blue jeans and some smart black shoes. His hair is styled into a combed, greasy side parting. He has his hands in his pockets and is pacing up and down the pavement outside, he is breathing heavily and is sweating. He pauses to re-comb his hair, then begins pacing again. Drew chuckles.


What the fuck have you done to your hair!?


(Ignoring Drew)

What… what if i don’t get served?

Both Alex and Drew speak with Derbyshire accents. A difficult accent to distinguish as typcial for the region. Drew is a 17 year old teenage boy, he is wearing a grey hoody zipped up half way. He has his head looking towards the floor, his phone is in his right hand, and appears to be texting. He keeps his left hand in his hoodies left pocket. He glances up to see Alex pacing, sighs then begins to speak.


Don’t worry about it pal, you da mannn! No but seriously, we need this for tonight, it’ll be shit if we cant bring any booze. Need Frank to bring the money still though, doubt he will the forgetful git.


(under his breath)

This is a shit idea…(to Drew) if i get id’d i’m fucked i’ll be the laughing stock of the school, fuck looking like a complete dick.

Drew shakes his head and looks down at his phone again, we SEE him texting, glancing up every few seconds to speak to Alex.


Stop being pathetic. Alright?


No. I’m not being fucking pathetic, I can’t go in!

Alex pulls out his inhaler and takes and massive intake of air, shakes his inhaler and does the same inhale as before. He then mutters under his breath

I’m not being pathetic…

Alex looks down at the ground. Drew then pats Alex on the back, and speaks to him in a soothing voice.


Look we’ve gone through this already, I cant go in and neither can Frank. You know that.


Yeah but…


Mate, you want some tonight don’t you? Well if we have the booze, the ladies will swarm over you mate, it’s simple logic. Trust me! … Plus you look atleast 25, i would serve you.


.. You really think so?


I know so!

Drew struggles to suppress a smile and grins at Alex, who appears more relaxed. Drew then places his hand on Alex’s shoulder, then points in the opposite direction of the shop. Alex turns his head to look. We SEE FRANK walking down the street towards them. He is around 6 feet tall, he has light brown shaggy hair. He swaggers, rather than walks. Frank speaks with a Yorkshire accent.


How do boys?!


Howdy! You alright mate?


Sound ta lad, got some good news and some bad news … Well the good news is that i got that money for the booze.


Ah sweet, nice one Frank. Hear that Alex?? I knew you would pull through!

Drew smiles, then embraces Frank. Frank laughs, before he stops, and becomes serious.


Errm, can’t make the party tonight boys, missus is messing me about, sorry lads i just cant.


You are kidding? Fuck sake, about as useful as a chocolate fireguard you are.

Alex stops pacing before stopping still, he broadens his shoulders then pushes his chest out. He turns his head towards both Frank and Drew, they look back at him. Alex takes a deep breath.


Let’s do this.

Alex strides up to the front door and enters Bargain Booze. Frank and Drew look at each other before laughing. Drew’s laugh is very loud, he laughs for a good time before he starts to stop, leaning forward and holding his sides.


I’m sorry but, fuck waiting out here, i need to see this.

Drew follows Alex into the shop. Frank is still laughing, but instead moves to a wall and leans by it. He searches his pockets, and pulls out a condom. He smiles, then quickly puts it back in his pocket.


(to himself)

It better be a good night now, ha ha!


Alex is at the alcohol section as Drew walks in. He picks up a four pack of Carling, before analysing it, then putting it back down. The shop is small, with only one woman working who is in her late fifties. The SHOP WORKER is doing some paper work behind the counter. Alex glances at the woman, she looks back, Alex quickly moves his eyes and begins staring into the drinks cabinet, he starts to breath heavily, then he wipes his sweaty brow. He picks up a crate of beer. Alex is very slight in build and makes them look very heavy. He then goes up to the woman and puts the beers on the counter. We HEAR clinking in the background. Alex nods at the woman, and smiles. He puts on a deep voice.


Lovely day darling.

She doesn’t reply, instead looks confused. She looks at him up and down.


Got any id young man?

Alex’s smile recedes into a frown, he pats his pockets  a couple of times, produces his wallet, he looks through there to try and find it. We HEAR a loud snigger. Drew is hiding far away from the counter, he is laughing an uncontrollable silent laugh.


Oh silly me! Must’ve left it in my wife’s car, let me just go and fetch it!


Hmm, o.k young man.

Alex turns on the spot before walking to where Drew is hiding. Drew is still laughing, he has tears in his eyes and his face is bright red. He begins to stop however as Alex comes over.


Your wife’s car? Ha ha! … CLASSIC!!

Drew bursts into laughter again.


Fuck off…


Oh bless you kiddo, right, i’ve got a plan, you go up to the counter again and make conversation, buy something small like some sweets ok? Leave the rest to me.



Alex walks towards the counter again, he takes some Haribo and places it on the counter. He drums his fingers on the counter, he looks over at the magazines and sees a Beano in the middle shelf.



Alex leans over and takes it with his right arm, before brushing down each shoulder with his hands.



For the kids.

He winks at the Shop Worker, she smiles, then laughs. Alex winks again. She then scans in the items, whilst shaking her head. We HEAR more clinking, we SEE Drew with bottles stuffed underneath his hoody, he is also holding a large bottle of Vodka in his right hand. The Shop Worker looks across at Drew. Drew notices, his eyes widen.



Drew runs out of the shop door outside, Alex looks over at Drew, his mouth wide open, he glances back at the Shop Worker who is now very close to Alex. He looks towards the door, picks up the comic and sets off running


You are a crazy bastard..! Ha ha!

The Shop Worker stands in the door frame as she sees Drew, Alex and Frank run down the street. Drew passes off one of the crates to Frank.


Take this, and fucking run!!! ha ha ha !


Drew is in a bedroom. He appears to be slightly drunk. The room he is in is pink, there are posters on the wall of David Beckham and Twilight. There are also polaroid pictures of loads of girls on the wall. On the floor there are some pink hair straighteners and a make-up bag. Drew is wearing skinny jeans, a cream polo shirt buttoned up to the top, white pumps and a thin white belt. His hair is spiked up carefully with wax.

He is texting on his phone to one of his mates, whilst a girl tries to wrap her drunken body around him. She appears to be falling asleep.


(to himself)

See what Alex and Frank think about this..

We SEE Drew text, “fink i should Freddie’s gf mate?” to be received by Alex and FREDDIE. (Not Frank)


A Large room, with about 40 young adults dancing and drinking. There is a large LCD television in one of the corners of the room, with two brown leather sofas facing towards it, there are chairs surrounding the other edges, although most have been moved in where most people bought them closer to talk to each other. There are a few chairs lying on the ground, near them there are broken crisps all over the floor. Along the edges of the room floor are empty cans which are crushed, there are also empty beer bottles and one empty bottle of Vodka.

Alex is drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels which he found in the drinks cabinet inside the house, in his other hand is a can of Fosters. The top two buttons on his shirt are unbuttoned, revealing a pale chest. He is dancing with FIONA, a very popular girl who is also drunk however, not drunk enough to accept Alex’s advances. Alex winks at Fiona and nods his head at her, before pointing at his chest, then winking for a second time, whilst continuing to smile.

Fiona laughs before using her left hand to push him, before leaving the room, we then SEE Alex reach for his phone.


(to himself)

Fuckin’ hell, him and jenny? ha ha! Well i never, the sly git. So fit as well.. so so fit.

He texts back to Drew “Go for it mate!!!! Make sure u tell Sarah its over though…”


Drew looks down at his phone, he sees sending failed on his screen, followed by the name Sarah.


(whispering to himself)

don’t forget to end it with Sarah, don’t forget to end it with Sarah…


Come here you!

Jenny smiles, puts her hand behind Drews hair and pulls him towards her, then begin to make out. Drew feels through her hair, as the other takes off her skirt. They begin rocking back and forth, quite awkwardly at first, before getting into a rhythm.

We HEAR the bed squeaking, then the background music from downstairs stops. The squeaking continues.


FREDDIE is older than most of the people there, he is 20 and still living at home. He has an arms tattoo and regularly visits the gym, he has a shaven stripe in his short hair. We see him standing on a chair, Stella in hand, trying to get everyone to be quiet. Alex being really loud trying to talk to Fiona, although she has her back to him, Alex continues, until the rest of the room quietens down. The huge television which people were watching has also been turned off. Silence falls on the room.


Has anyone here seen my missus, only I got a text from a cheeky little fucker, asking whether he should sleep with her or not. WHO KNOWS ANYFINK?

Mumbles start to go around the room, before somebody calls out “UPSTAIRS!”

7. INT. STAIRS – Night

The staircase is bombarded with people rushing up it, a sense of excitement is in the air, with Freddie leading the pack. The staircase wall is filled with pictures of Jenny and her family. The floor is littered with cans and bottles, and the carpet also has a few new beer stains.


We HEAR the thumping noises on the stairs, however we also HEAR Jennies moans getting louder and louder until the door bursts open. Jenny jumps off the bed and covers herself in the duvet, whilst drew stands there naked with his white socks still on. Freddie is standing in the doorway, head tilted slightly forward, arms tensed, and fists clenched. He starts to move towards Drew and pulls out a knife from his back pocket and points it at Drew. everyone else by this time has started coming into the room, but at the sight of the knife start shouting for Freddie to put it away and to calm down. Freddie pricks his finger on the blade as blood pours out down the knife.


Look mate, we can work this out, i’m sorry ok? I’m so sorry, please..

A sinister smile appears on Freddie’s face. before pointing the knife to Drew’s throat


i’m this close.. to slicing your fucking’ throat. Tell me what we can work out.

The crowd falls completely silent. We HEAR a police siren outside as it gets louder and louder.


Next time buddy. Next time.

Four policemen run up the stairs and find the two in a stand-off, Freddie drops the knife and holds his hands above his head. Drew also has his hands raised. Freddie doesn’t struggle, but on officer seems to be overly aggressive and wrestles him down to the ground before pinning his face into the carpet.


Everyone stands outside to watch him go, Freddie doesn’t take his eyes off Drew, as the engine starts and the car begins to pull off Freddie winks at Drew. Some people from the party leave, making it seem more empty. Freddie turns to Alex and looks worried.


Well, that made tonight fun didn’t it! .. Errm I mean, you alright pal?


Not really, i’ve messed up big time, now Freddie, a fucking psycho is after me, no doubt gonna deck me, or worse.

Alex is swaying about and is clearly drunk.


You’re my friend. I’ll have him.. where is he? I’ll chin him for you pal… because that’s what pals are for..

Alex pats his hand on Drew’s shoulder, before throwing up on the ground. Drew laughs, before patting Alex’s back as he continues to throw up.


Oi, sit down a sec.. feeling a little bit better?


I love you Drewy.


Alright… I love you too.. Oh shit, Jenny’s here, shit, fuck. What do I say? … Bollocks…


Tell her she’s fit from me.

Alex has his eyes shut and says it very loud. Jenny pulls Drew’s right arm, and walks with him to the back of the house.


Best night ever.

Drew and Jenny are standing very close, they stare into each others eyes. Jenny brushes the back of her right hand on Drew’s right cheek, as she grips Drew’s waist with her left hand. Drew opens his mouth to speak, before Jenny places her finger on his mouth, preventing him from speaking. We see a cat walk past in the background on a fence, then come over to them both as it sits on the ground looking up. Jenny giggles, before going down to stroke him.


You do realise i’m a dead man walking right? and all because of you! ha, i’m kidding.. What’s going to happen to psycho then?

Jenny stands back up to face drew, leaving the cat lying on it’s back from where she has fussed him.


He’s history, I didn’t actually realise he was completely mental, I mean who points a knife at somebody?? Would’ve been a really good night as well, but there is ALWAYS ONE! Always… Anyway i’m blabbering, how about we do something cute one time? Maybe go and see a movie together one time?

Drew’s cheeks go bright red, his eyes widen, he glances to the side before looking at her again, she smiles back and they lean in, then kiss. After they kiss they hold each other for a few seconds before Drew speaks again.


Nothin’ shit though alright?!

They both laugh, and walk back inside to the party hand in hand.


A sleeping bag is on the floor, with Alex inside it. We HEAR snoring from Alex. We SEE a desk with a computer on it, along with an Xbox 360, the desk is messy and is littered with loose change, Xbox games, empty beer bottles, school books, an electronic shaver and some open letters. Drew is awake, he is lying with his hands behind his head staring at the ceiling. He is smiling, he looks slightly rough this morning, however not as bad as Alex. He takes out his phone and notices the battery has run out. He leans over Alex to try and get the charger but nudges his face and wakes him up. Alex groans, then stretches, opens his eyes briefly before shutting them again and wrapping himself round in the sleeping bag.


Ughh, my head fucking wrecks.



Yeah man same, just pass us the charger please?


Yeah alright if you stop shouting at me.. Jesus.

Alex rubs his head before slowly moving his arm out of the sleeping bag towards the direction of the desk. he picks up an Xbox controller, Drew smiles and shakes his head, before being handed the charger.


Cheers… Messy night mate, messy as fuck! Well, first week of school hasn’t been too bad has it? I pulled my ex, almost got killed by a fucking psycho, and got 46% in my first assignment!


Trust me mate, it’s going to be a good year, trust me.

Drew and Alex smile at each other and nod their heads before laughing, Alex then puts his finger to his lips.


Shhh, sleep time.


Ha! No chance, i’m getting up, i’ll be downstairs if you need me!

Drew stumbles out of the room, phone and charger in hand. He knocks Alex as he walks past before laughing, Alex responds by putting two fingers up. As Drew walks down the stairs he notices a third pair of shoes at the bottom, a girls pair of shoes. Drew scrunches up his face and raises his right eyebrow.


(mutters to himself)

hmm.. who’s are they? … weird.

11. Int. Living room – morning

Drew opens the door, we SEE a typical room set up, a television in the corner and two sofas facing it, a coffee table is in the middle. It has two cups of tea on it. The sofas also have 2 people on them, DREWS MUM is sat on the sofa, she is a small woman, about 5ft, with brown hair. She has a lot of make-up on her face, despite it being morning. She is sat staring at Drew as he enters and looks angry. The room is completely silent. Another girl is sat on the opposite sofa. She is very attractive, has shoulder length blonde hair, pouting lips, bright blue eyes. She looks upset. Drew looks shocked, drops his phone charger and stays completely still in the middle of the door frame.


…Sarah??? … Shit.

fade to black

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